Filex Power Desk Up® 2.0 – 1x 230V, 1x USB A+C Charge (5.0V – 3.1A – 15.5W)

Filex Desk Up® 2.0 mounting unit. This beautiful black slim mounting unit is equipped as standard with 2 clamps for desk thicknesses of 15-45mm. The unit is easy to clamp from above and is provided with a fixed connection cable at the back with a length of 40 cm with 3P Pluggable Plug 18 plug. The mounting unit is equipped with 1 x 230V connection and a double USB charger with 1 x 5V-2.4A and 1 x USB C (5.0V – 3.1A – 15.5W).

Note: this product will be available from May 2021. You can send a pre-order.

Technical Specifications

681048 – Black, 681049 – White

€ 49.00

8719747105535 – Black, 8719747105559 – White