Filex QI-charger

The Filex Spot QI charger is equipped with a sliding mechanism, 230V connection, 1 universal USB Charger and a 3 meter network data cable Cat 6. This handy compact built-in unit is equipped as standard with a QI charger which is built into the protective cover slide. When the unit is open or closed, you can charge your mobile device wirelessly using QI technology. When the unit is slid open you have direct access to a 230V connection, the universal USB charger and a loose network data cable CAT 6. You can pull this cable to directly connect a laptop or other device to the network. The unit is equipped as standard with a 230-volt connection cable with a 3-meter protective grounding plug. Available in black and white. In short, this Filex Qi-Spot charger solves all your connectivity for every workplace. This Filex Qi charger has a diameter of 80 mm.


681004 – Black, 681005 – White

8719747102794 – White, 8719747103449 – Black