Filex – QI Power-Spot® (1x 230v, 1x USB A + C Charge, 1x Passtrough)

The Filex QI Power-Spot® now with wireless QI charging, USB-A and USB-C Charge!

The round “All-in One”, built-in unit that you can no longer miss at your workplace!

This new Filex electrification unit has been designed with a modern look and a unique Dutch design. The power unit can be recessed into your desk, so that the unit is nicely concealed and you still have a “clean desk”.
The unit is standard equipped with 1 x 230 V, 1 x USB A + C Charge (2.5A-5V) and 1 x a (exchangeable) feed-through Filex module so that you can switch between HDMI, an RJ45 connection or a connection at any time. USB Extension module (see options below).
This round built-in unit even has an extra function!

In addition to the fact that the Power unit has a handy cover, so that you do not get dust and dirt in your power unit, you can charge your smartphone on the inside of this cover thanks to the built-in QI technology!

All amenities in just one unit; don’t you want that too?

The Filex QI Power-Spot® is equipped with a fixed 1.9 meter connection cable with an earthed plug and is available in the color: white or black. Ø 80 mm (installation size max. 56mm). Another module in your unit than the transit? Ask us directly for all possibilities!
Filex module options:
681083 – Filex HDMI module – White
681084 – Filex HDMI module – Black
681081 – Filex RJ45 module – White
681082 – Filex RJ45 module – Black
681085 – Filex USB Extension module – White
681086 – Filex USB Extension module – Black.



Technical Specifications




681077 – Black, 681078 – White

€ 69,00

8719747103654 – Black, 8719747103678 – White