Filex Universele QI Charger (phoneheld)

The Filex QI phone holder for every workplace and on the go!

The Filex Universal QI charger is a handy universal phone holder, which you can use at your workplace (for example in a Filex Power Desk Up® 2.0 with an empty keystone compartment) but also in your car when you are on the road.
By means of the ball joint you can put the Filex phone holder in the most optimal viewing position for optimal use at your workplace or on the road.
Because the holder is equipped with the latest generation wireless Qi quick charger, your phone will always be properly charged wirelessly in no time and you will no longer be bothered by annoying cables.

The Filex QI charger is therefore standard delivered with a suction cup clamp mechanism and a ventilation clamp mechanism for in the car. Naturally, we supply this model complete with a USB connection cable as standard.
In short, with this Filex Universal phone QI Charger you are assured of an optimal viewing position at your workplace or in the car and you always have a full battery.

USB 3.0 to USB C
Input: 5V / 2A, 9V / 1.67A, 12V / 1.67A
Output power: 15W

682000 – Black

€ 39.90

8719747103302 – Black