Filex introduces the Galaxy monitor arm. The most flexible, modular monitor arm in the market.

The Filex Galaxy is fully modular so that any desired configuration can be realized. We provide you with all your requirements with a monitor arm. Do you want to adjust the workplace in the future? Then the Filex Galaxy adapts to the new workplace.

The TÜV certified Filex Desk Up® 2.0 build-up electrification units!

With obtaining the TÜV quality mark for the new design series Filex Desk Up® 2.0 electrification mounting units, it is again confirmed that Filex stands out not only for its beautiful design but also for
qualitatively belongs to the top of the market!

This makes Filex the first Dutch player in the market with the TÜV quality and guarantee quality mark for electrification build-up units!

Filex is part of In2Brands B.V. and distinguishes itself in the market with a complete line of monitor arms, CPU holders and electrification products.

The mounting unit is available in various configurations. Available in black and white and from € 32.90. You also have a whopping 5 year warranty!


Hi. We are Filex.

Filex is the new brand for all your workplace solutions. At Filex we are happy to help you turn your desk into a pleasant and ergonomic workplace. We call this 'Make work easy'.

Environmentally friendly products are our priority! Our respect for the environment and the well-being of our employees is expressed by choosing the right raw materials from the design phase and working together with customers and dealers who appreciate and respect these concepts.


From various angles, we are always looking for new, different ways of product development.


With more than 30 years of experience, we know what the user and the market demands and needs.


From standard products from stock to fully custom-made solutions, all options are possible.

Environmentally friendly

From design to end-of-life, minimal environmental impact is always the departure and end point.

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