Design studio

Filex’s Design Philosophy.

Filex was founded in 1985 and has evolved from a single designer into an ambitious team of designers, engineers and prototypists. The studio is a hub of creativity and new innovations.

The most innovative products, the best quality, the sleek and stylish designs based on functionalities and innovative solutions. Above all, we want to make work easier and we believe a suitable workstation is part of that. A workstation equipped with every convenience, which makes your working day easier.

We try to bridge the gap between elegance and functionality with timeless design. We don’t compromise, but offer solutions that really make a difference.

In the choice of our materials, we consider sustainability and the extent to which everything can be recycled. Our primary focus throughout the whole process, from the drawing board to the production and supply of all Filex products, is on the choice of material. We think of the future. Not just in respect of a new workstation, but from the point of inception where it all starts.

Each of our ergonomic products was designed for optimal comfort, a long lifecycle, and a minimal ecological footprint.

We make work easy. Together.