I'm the Galaxy. The most flexibel, modulair monitor arm available. Available in every configuration available and expandable with easy-to-use accessories for the most optimal workplace.

Modulair and ready for the workspace of the future.

The Filex Galaxy is completely modulair so every configuration imaginable can be created. With one monitor arm we can meet all your needs. Do you want to change your workspace? Than the Galaxy will adapt to your new demands.

Environmentally friendly production

The Filex Galaxy can be recycled for 98% and is produced with durable materials. Combined with the 5 year warranty and you will never want another monitor arm than the Filex Galaxy.

Every setup possible. Easy configuration.

Because of the complete modularity from the Filex Galaxy you can create any configuration. Do you want 1, 2, 3 or even more screens? No problem. Add a laptop holder? No problem. Connecting electrification in your monitor arm? No problem. As you can see you can create every configuration to optimise ay workplace.

Easy configurable

The Filex Galaxy is developed from the idea to create the best monitor arm that can be used in every workspace. Easy configurable for any workspace.

Sustainable produced

Completely produced with sustainable and recyclable raw materials. The answer to demands for environmentally friendly produced products for every workplace.