Innovate with Us!

Design and an innovative mindset are the driving force behind Filex. We currently have no vacancies. You can always send us a speculative application via contact and become a member of our growing Filex community.

We make work easy. Together.

  • Our people:

    At Filex, we want to inspire people with new innovations and developments in the sector. Our team creates the most ergonomic workstation possible, which is future-oriented, easy to install, and equipped with all user conveniences thanks to the latest patented Filex technology. Designed by our creative team in the Netherlands and developed in collaboration with our product specialists in our own factories. Our team consists of people with unique talents and perspectives who give the user a new vision of the workstation of the future. We have an eye for detail and one shared goal: “We make work easy. Together with you.”

  • Our products:

    When you join our team, it is important for you to gain experience of the domain of our clients and our industry straight away. We immerse you in the Filex domain and give you experience of our complete range of ergonomic products. We carry a wide range, from ergonomics to CPU holders, electrification and everything related to it. Together, we turn a workspace into a workable place.

  • Design philosophy:

    We focus on sleek design, streamlined finishes, and a stylish look. Quality and service are of the utmost importance and we therefore offer our clients a warranty of at least 5 years. We produce everything with environmental awareness and sustainability in mind. As team members, we enjoy it when you offer input and share your perspectives of your experience and knowledge of the market. That way, we can spar with you about all the options and future-oriented designs.

  • Development opportunities:

    At Filex, we believe it is important for our team members to have the opportunity to develop themselves further and to hone their skills. Our team members are given the opportunity to improve their performance at all times. After all, we enjoy thinking outside the box to bring about new developments together.

  • International reach:

    Filex is a brand that operates worldwide. This means you would have the opportunity to make many new contacts, not just in the Netherlands, the Benelux, or Europe, but in all other parts of the world too. We offer our team members endless development opportunities. We believe the sky is the limit!

At this moment we don’t have any vacancies.

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