pCon product configuration tool

Would you like to have our Filex configurator on your website? No problem! We have teamed up with EaternGraphics/pCon to bring you an offer exclusively for Filex clients.
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Configure your own workstation with pCon

You can do far more with our tools than just configure products in a 3D model. We have ensured that all available data such as: technical drawings, manuals, images, certificates, descriptions, et cetera; is available in this online environment. This way, we provide 1 online environment where you can find everything.

Your own interior with the addition of our products

pCon has various tools you can use to easily create a visualisation of your own new office environment with the addition of our products. This way, you can develop beautiful interior and inspirational images. As a designer, you can present these to your client immediately. Your client, or you as the prospective owner of a new interior, immediately get an idea of what the new set up will look like, including all the workstation details.

You can easily design, prepare quotes, or create Augmented Reality images

You can do so much more with the pCon application! We explain the applications and benefits of the apps below. Here you can easily create product sheets for your own configuration or create an AR (Augmented Reality) image of the configuration you have designed at your client’s office. Anything is possible! From a simple update of your interior to a completely new office environment. We make it a little easier for you!

Must have apps!

You can use the apps to prepare quotes and much more in no time!

pCon.box: Super-fast designing!

pCon.box is an interactive app that gives you the ability to apply all Filex 3D data while presenting your proposal to your client. The use of pCon.box in your sales process not only supports, but speeds up and makes it easier to configure products, present and share detailed product and pricing information with your clients – on the move or at the office. Immediate access to the Filex products you have selected, with all the necessary images and product and pricing information!

pCon.facts: Make a lasting impression with Augmented Reality!

pCon.facts, the innovative sales app, brings all product knowledge to the Point of Sale. Configure all Filex products with simple interactions, present them in 3D and AR (Augmented Reality), create product lists and benefit from quick access to valuable information, such as product images, brochures, certificates, installation instructions and far more. Thanks to the handy sharing function, you can maintain contact with your clients, colleagues and partners easily.

Unable to manage? Ask Felix or contact us

pCon has many more application options with our products. Enquire about all the options!

pCon - Filex toepassing mogelijkheden