About Us

Hi. We are Filex.

Filex is the new brand for all your workplace solutions. Although we have more than 30 years of experience, we still introduce ourselves as a new brand. At Filex we are happy to help you make your desk a pleasant and healthy ergonomic workplace. We call this "Make work easy".

Environmentally friendly products are our priority! Our respect for the environment and the well-being of the employees is expressed by choosing the right raw materials during the design phase and working together with customers and dealers who value and respect these concepts.

Healthy ergonomic solutions for the workplace of today and tomorrow.
Due to technical development, a workplace without electrification is indispensable.
Everything for a tidy and safe workplace with no tripping hazard.
Future-proof products!

With all our years of experience and knowledge of the market, we have very close connections with the largest IT producers in the world and we only develop products that are not only for use at this moment, but we keep in mind that our products can also be used for upcoming products and a changing workplace or user needs.
Unique in the market is that our team not only has knowledge of the standard ergonomic products but also of electrification products at different products around your workplace. All our products are developed and produced by our in-house team with all the required certifications.

Specific wishes?

We can adapt our products to your specific wishes or even develop fully customized products. Meanwhile, several projects have been successfully completed with beautiful, custom-made solutions.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities?