Hi. We are Filex.

Your number 1 brand for ergonomic solutions. Filex helps you turn your workspace into a workable place. We do this with the right ergonomic solutions, such as: monitor arms, electrification for your workstation, the correct CPU holders and far more!

Filex was founded in 1985 and has since evolved from a small brand into a brand that is sold worldwide, with a team of different designers, engineers, prototypists, ambitious salespeople, distributors, dealers and enthusiastic employees.

We believe it is important for our clients to be pampered and for us to make work a little easier for you. The correct posture behind your desk depends on several factors, such as: the acquisition of a good monitor arm or a laptop holder. Not just at the office, but at home too.

Our head office and a large part of our team are based in the Netherlands. Filex’s strength is in our designers, our developers, our factories with whom we consult daily, and our enthusiastic employees. We have partnerships with different companies across the whole world with whom we design, develop and execute exceptionally impressive projects.

The philosophy behind our brand is that we want to bridge the gap between elegance, modern design and all required functionalities, without it being prohibitively expensive. We are able to do this because we have our own factories and designs (patented).

In addition to a sound product that complies with prevailing law, hallmarks and certification, and evolves with all sustainability and ergonomic developments, we are also happy to assist you with appropriate advice for your end client, and with hosting demos and training sessions.
We are convinced that working in an ergonomically sound way, with additional helpful options and innovations, makes work far easier and more enjoyable at the same time!

In short: We make work easy. Together.