Filex Thin Client CPU Holder

With this Filex universal thin client holder, you can easily mount any thin client at any workplace. Due to its clever construction you can mount this handy bracket on the Vesa connection of your screen, between the Vesa of your screen and monitor arm, on the pole of your monitor arm or even under your desk. With a Filex thin-client holder you create a neat, clean workplace with more workspace and you also protect your valuable PC against dirt, moisture and theft. The Filex Thinclient holder is easy to adjust in width and depth. Minimum width: 17mm. Maximum width: 7 cm. Suitable for: Vesa 75×75 and 100×100. Suitable for all thin clients, mini PCs, Intel-NUC and Mac mini PCs.

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80982 – Black, 80987 – White, 80988 – Silver

€ 29,00

8719747102398 – Black, 8719747102411 – White, 8719747103012 – Silver