Filex Chicago

Dynamic and modern monitor arm suitable for 1 or 2 monitors.

The Filex Chicago gas-suspended monitor arm is the ultimate monitor arm that combines modern design with the best ergonomic solution for every workplace.

Because the Filex Chicago is equipped with a universal Vesa head with a ball joint and has a high-quality gas spring in the arm with a capacity of 2 to 12 kg, this arm is optimally and easily adjustable in height and depth.

The Filex Chicago arm comes standard with a Quick Release VESA connection (VESA 75 × 75 and 100 × 100) and a desk clamp with a “top-down”, mounting option so that you no longer need to be under the desk for mounting and this quickly and can be easily implemented by everyone. The Filex Chicago is naturally made from (aluminum) high-quality raw materials, circularly certified and comes with a whopping 5-year exchange warranty on all components.

In addition to desk clamp mounting, it is also possible to mount this arm through a desk bushing or on a mounting rail.

If you want to work with 2 screens later, that is possible. You can upgrade this arm with a Filex crossbar for 2 screens.

If you no longer want to be under your desk for connecting your USB devices, then an optional desk clamp is also available which already has 2 USB connections.

Makkelijk te configureren. Meerdere varianten mogelijk.

The Chicago TFT arm can also be supplied with wall / universal toolbar mounting. Because the desk clamp can be mounted from above and no large clamp protrudes from the bottom of the desk, it is therefore also very easy to use in combination with a cable duct, sliding desk or partition wall (The Chicago arm is equipped with a 180 degree stop so that the arm does not come into contact with the partition wall in the rear position). The cables for the monitor (s) are routed along and through the arm.
The Chicago TFT is available in the colors white, black and silver / gray and in the combination of polished aluminum with white accents.

The Chicago is available with a gas spring. This is suitable for screens from 2 to 12 kg with a maximum size of 30 inches.
When 2 screens have to be mounted on one Chicago TFT arm you can use the 2 types of crossbar / wings:

  • Static crossbar / wing made of steel with 2 VESA connections
  • Flexible crossbar / wing from black aluminum with 2 Quick release VESA connections and this can be adjusted so that you can put the screens at an angle of up to 15 degrees. Or if desired, 1 screen in front of the user and the other screen in a corner next to it.

The Filex Chicago series consists of:


Filex Chicago Single

  • Suitable for 1 monitor up to 30 “
  • Suitable for 2 monitors up to 27 “
  • Load capacity: 2 – 12 kg
  • Quick release, Vesa 75×75 & 100×100

Available in Black, White, Silver and Chrome.


Filex Chicago Double

  • Suitable for 2 monitors up to 27 “
  • Load capacity: 2 – 12 kg
  • Quick release, VESA 75×75 & 100×100

Available in Black, White and Silver.


Filex Chicago Double with Crossbar

  • Suitable for 2 monitors up to 27 “
  • Load capacity: 2 – 12 kg
  • Quick release, VESA 75×75 & 100×100

Available in Black, White, Silver.

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