Monitor stands for each workstation

An ergonomic workstation promotes the comfort and productivity of DSE workers. It is easy to create the ideal workstation with a few small adjustments. Filex develops and delivers high quality monitor stands for better and healthier workstations.

Why do you need a monitor stand?

An incorrectly positioned screen causes neck and shoulder problems. A good monitor stand can be adjusted to the most comfortable height. With a screen with a foot attached to it, you often cannot adjust the screen to the correct height.

An incorrectly positioned screen causes neck and shoulder problems.

What are the benefits of a monitor stand?

  • Less physical discomfort
  • Can be adjusted to the desired viewing height
  • Makes employees more productive
  • Less absenteeism due to physical problems
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Increased productivity

Filex monitor arms help prevent neck and shoulder problems and enable a comfortable working posture. The optimal monitor position is far more comfortable and increases productivity by 10% compared to the incorrect position.

What is the correct viewing height and distance?

The distance to the screen should be at least 60 cm (one arm’s length), but preferably over 60 cm. The height of the screen should be such that the viewing angle is 10-20° below eye level. Viewing distance is determined by character size with the viewing distance being at least 200, preferably 150 times the size of the characters (a character size of 4 mm therefore corresponds to a viewing distance of 60 cm).

A relatively large viewing distance is less demanding on the eyes because the eyes need not compensate so much, provided the characters on the screen are proportionately larger. The characters on the screen can sometimes be enlarged, for example, Word has a function for zooming in and zooming out, which enables the display of the active document to be increased and decreased. Larger characters are easier to read than smaller ones.

The whole screen should be 10- 20° below eye level. This monitor position enables the eyes to adjust and converge better and reduces overall strain on the eyes.

How do you set up a good ergonomic workstation?

  1. First adjust your desk and chair to the correct height.
  2. Sit on your chair properly.
  3. Sit directly in front of your screen.
  4. Position the monitor stand at the correct distance. The correct viewing distance should be at least 60 cm (one arm’s length)
  5. Adjust the screens so they are level with your eyes. No more than 10 cm below eye level.

If you want to set up your screens independently of each other, or need more space on your desk, a simple upgrade to a monitor arm offers far more options.

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